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Welcome to Protein Powder Comparison

This website allows you to compare lots of different protein powders available for purchase over the internet. We do not sell protein shakes, we are helping you find the best out of what is already available out there. You can use Protein Powder Comparison to find the best protein powder for you or the protein powder that offers the best value for money. The search tool has taken a while to develop and is quite complicated thanks to all the different search criteria avaialable so you may want to read these tips first.

At the time of writing and as far as I know, our protein powder comparison tool is completely unique. I have not come across anything else that allows you to compare protein supplements in such detail. These products are available from other people's websites so we our results are completely independent of them and are completely unbiased. Please help us to promote this tool by spreading the word.

Protein Powder Comparison also contains useful information on diet and diet supplements weather your requirements be for bodybuilding, sport, weight loss or weight gain. Please see the articles section. I am still in the process of adding articles.

We encourage users of Protein Powder Comparison to do the following:
  • recommend protein powders and meal replacement powders that aren’t currently on the site (by selecting Contact Us at the bottom) and I will review them and add them;
  • leave reviews and ratings on products you have tried for other people to see (solubility (mixability), taste, effectiveness...)
  • let us know if you find a site offering a protein powder cheaper then the lowest price we have found and we will update our records accordingly
  • read the tips page
The site is quite new and I am still in the process of adding protein powders so there aren't as many as we would like. Therefore if you can't find whay your looking for then please keep checking back.

Please use the search options at the top of the page to begin your search. Happy Shopping (or Happy Comparing!)

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