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Protein Comparison Tips

Getting the Most from Protein Shake and Meal Replacement Shake Searches:

Tip 1:
To find the protein shake that offers the best value for money it is better to arrange your comparison by the amount of protein per 100g instead of the protein per recommended serving. The recommended serving size varies between different products and can therefore make it unclear how much protein you are getting for your money. Also for the same reason it is better to compare meal replacement shakes by looking at calories per 100g then calories per serving.

Tip 2:
If you are looking for the best value for money then the larger tub sizes normally offer this. However if these are out of your price range you may want to only include products with a tub price that is “less than or equal to” whatever your budget is.

Tip 3:
As with any search the more criteria you put in the less results will come back so if you’re not getting many results back you may need to take out some of your search criteria.

Tip 4:
If you want to add a specific supplement to your diet such as Creatine or vitamins then buying a protein shake or meal replacement shake that includes this will be more convenient but may not always be the most cost effective way. You should take into consideration that you may get the best value for money by buying the supplement separately.

Tip 5:
Delivery cost is not taken into account when calculating the price per 100g or price per gram of protein. There are several reasons for this: you may buy other products from whichever website you choose to get your protein shake or meal replacement shake from therefore spreading out the cost of delivery, delivery cost may vary depending on where about you live, and you may see the product on the high street somewhere but wouldn’t accurately know if it is good value for money if the price you were looking at on here included delivery cost.

Tip 6:
The better you know what you’re looking for the more useful this site will be. For example if you are on a diet and you have a good understanding of your metabolism and how it responds to macro nutrients (protein, fat and carbs) you may know that you diet better if you keep your carbs low and fat relatively high (whilst still keeping calories low of course) then you may search for a meal replacement shake that has less carbs then most and more fat.

Please use the search options at the top of the page to begin your search. Happy Shopping (or Happy Comparing!)

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